Happy Drip - Royal Blue

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🤯 Versatile all-rounder: cakes, cakes for ice cream, cupcakes, eclairs
😲 Reusable several times
🤤 Simple, practical, chocolatey
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Simple & practical

Heat up quickly and decorate your baking creations straight away!


Enjoy decorating fun over several applications!


Decorate a variety of baking creations!

Deliciously chocolatey

Delicious, beautiful and simply a sweet treat!


Suitable for cakes, ice cream, eclairs, cookies and much more!

Thank you for your feedback!

Monika B.

"Decorating made easy"

My kiddies and I have used the Happy Drips to bake cookies and are delighted! It's not just the bright colors that convince us, but also the ease of use and the fact that we can use them again and again.

Sabine M.

"Colorful and delicious"

I have just used the Happy Drips for the first time for a children's birthday party and already love them. The children were also delighted with the great bright colors and the delicious chocolatey taste. A real eye-catcher at any children's birthday party!

Diana K.

"Great addition"

I've been a fan of the colorful sprinkles for a long time and have now tried the Happy Drips for a cake. These are a great addition to the sprinkles and create an extra wow effect.

Fabian T.

"Great gift idea!"

The sets with the Happy Drips are a great gift idea! The Basic Bundle Big was perfect for my girlfriend for her birthday. She was delighted with the lovely packaging and the colors of the Happy Drips.

Anette E.

"So diverse"

I love the Happy Drips, there are no limits to their use. I've already used them myself for cakes and cupcakes, but I'm also looking forward to baking cookies.