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Autumn Baking Box

What is the Happy Baking Box?

With the unique recipe ideas of our talented baking blogger "Emma's Favorite Pieces", you'll never get bored with baking in the Happy Baking Box! In addition to 3-4 exceptionally delicious recipes per box, you'll also get all the baking supplies you need to create little miracles. Our step-by-step instructions* ensure that nothing can go wrong when baking! No matter whether you enjoy your delicious creations yourself or give them to your loved ones as a gift - not only baking hearts will beat faster! *Written in german.

Conjure up delicious baking creations with the latest Happy Baking Box!

Slowly the days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning colorful - autumn is here! We go on a culinary walk through the forest, with great autumnal recipes - as always created with love by Emma.
So make yourself at home and sweeten the time with our autumn baking box!

  • sweet chocolate acorns with peanut cream
  • delicious pear chocolate caramel cake
  • juicy pumpkin motif cake

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Recipes for current baking trends, lovingly developed by baking blogger Emma from Emmas Lieblingsstuecke.

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Everything you need, like silicone molds, nozzles, colors and much more in one box. Always with you: The latest Happy Sprinkles!

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Thanks to Emma's step-by-step instructions, nothing can go wrong with our recipes!

Inspiration from the previous baking boxes

With the unique recipe ideas in our Happy Baking Box, boredom is promised to never arise! The recipes are developed by the talented baking blogger "Emma's favorites" with a lot of love. From the most unusual cakes, cookies, cupcakes and waffles to the most creative recipe ideas for homemade ice cream, cakesicles, eclairs and many other baking creations, the baking fun is guaranteed!
Here you get an insight into a small selection of our most beautiful and delicious creations from past Happy Baking Boxes!

Who is Emma, anyway?

"My name is Emma, I'm in my thirties and I live with my husband and my two children in Herford. If Herford doesn't mean anything to you, then Bielefeld certainly does.... 😉

I have always had a soft spot for photography and good food. Sometime when I was 13 years old I started to bake my own birthday cakes. But it really escalated when we moved into our house. Since then, but also really everyone was gifted and supplied with cupcakes. In August 2014 I finally dared to publish my recipes and pictures on my blog and now? Now I am self-employed as a photographer, stylist and blogger. The best thing about baking: It is a lot of fun to give away his little works of art and to nibble together. I also want to show you how easy baking actually is. Even the most boring cake can be given that certain something with a few tips and tricks.

"Emma has been a well-known and successful baking blogger for years and regularly works with big-name companies in the baking industry."

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