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With our baking kits, you'll not only get a variety of baking supplies, but also a recipe created by Emma from Emma's Favorites to make a big splash with friends and family! All the special ingredients or tools (such as cookie cutters, silicone molds, or Colour Mill food coloring) you need for this recipe are already packed for you in the set, so you can get started right away at home.

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Happy Sprinkles Streusel Pastel Vibes BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Pastel Vibes Backset
Pastel Vibes Baking Set Sale price37,90€
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Fußball BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Fußball Backset
Soccer Baking Set Sale price24,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Streusel Donut BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Donut Backset
Donut Baking Set Sale price27,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Streusel Einschulung BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Einschulung Backset