Birthday Bundle

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Happy Birthday! 🎂 Do you want to please your favorite person or give free rein to your creativity on your own birthday with sprinkles, color mills and the silicone mold Cakesicles? With this set, birthday wishes can be fulfilled, loved ones can be surprised and the desire for colorful birthday treats can be satisfied. 🎀

What is in the set?

  • Happy Sprinkles Mix "Birthday Parade
  • Happy Sprinkles Mix "Birthday Bash
  • Happy Sprinkles Mix "Bubble Gum Choco Crunch
  • Colour Mill Oil-Blend "Melon
  • Colour Mill Oil-Blend "Yellow
  • Colour Mill Oil-Blend "Mint
  • Candles "Happy Birthday
  • Silicone mold "Cakesicles
  • Cakesicle Sticks
  • Baking Molds Pink White Striped
  • Flower nozzle "Jem 2J
  • Piping bag

In total, the set has a merchandise value of just under 67€, which gives you a price advantage.

Different Happy Sprinkles as well as Colour Mills give you the possibility to decorate the cakesicles as you like, but also to perfect the birthday cake, birthday cupcakes as well as birthday cupcakes. 🤩 The Birthday Bundle includes everything that makes the implementation of the baking creations the surprise of the day. But the set is also suitable as a gift for people whose passion is baking. 🎁

Thank you for your feedback!

Emily B.


Happy Sprinkles sprinkles have brought my baking creations to life! They are simply magical. Thank you Happy Sprinkles.

Heike T.

"No longer without"

My kiddies no longer want to bake without the colorful sprinkles! Especially the footballs and the bats are a big hit with my boys!

Sanni B.

"Colorful and great"

Baking is my great hobby and there may not be missing colorful sprinkles for the finishing touch. I like to buy from Happy Sprinkles because the sprinkles are so colorful and the mixes are so inventive. And the customer service is always so helpful.

Alexa H.

"Perfect complement"

When I need sprinkles, I buy here. The sprinkles are the perfect addition to my cakes and cookies. And then also from Hamburg. I am a big fan.

David F.

"A great gift idea!"

Happy Sprinkles baking kits are a great gift idea! The donut baking set was perfect for my girlfriend for her birthday. She was thrilled with the lovely packaging and sprinkles. We will be baking many more donuts with the cookie cutter.

Mark D.

"So diverse"

I love the variety of sprinkles. There is something for every occasion and I'm always totally happy when a pink package arrives with me.