Mini Sprinkle Scoops

Mini Streuselschaufeln

Hands up, whose sprinkles are also always spread over half the countertop when decorating the baked goods and never land on the cake where they should? 🙋🏼♀️🙋🏼♀️

Then we have good news, because that's over now!

With our mini sprinkle scoops you can now place your sprinkles on any cake, cupcake or co. perfectly where they should be!

Streuselschaufeln in Pastellfarben für Streuselmixe und Tortendeko

The sprinkle scoops in their pretty pastel colors of mint, yellow, light blue and pink are not only beautiful to look at, but are true game changers for the cake decoration! But the scoops are not only perfect for smaller sprinkles and motives, even smaller chocolate balls, rods or triangles can be easily placed with them.
So if your next baking project is right arounds the corner or you're looking for a nice gift for a baking enthusiast friend, aunt or cousin, there's no way around these sprinkle scoops.😍 We can't imagine our kitchens without them by now! And the best part... They also fit in any handbag or on any key, for any spontaneous sprinkle action on the go.... You never know🤫

Streuselschaufel für Streuselmixe zum Dekorieren von Torten, Cupcakes, Waffelpops, Cakepops

Have you tried them yet? Click here to get to the mini crumble scoops.🤩

Mini Streuselschaufel im Happy Sprinkles Streuselmix Dancing Queen

Happy Sprinkles Streuselschaufel 4er Set Pastellfarben zum Dekorieren und Verzieren von Torten und Cupcakes

Happy Sprinkles Mini Streuselschaufel im Streuselmix Dancing Queen zum Dekorieren und Verzieren von Torten und Cupcakes

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